Daily Diving

Dahab is known as a shore diving destination and boasts an extensive choice of dives sites that cater for all different levels of divers. Most are ideal for beginners, with gentle slopes guiding you to the coral mazes and pinnicles that are home to a spectacular diversity of reef fish and marine life such as  snappers, barracudas, nudibranch, eels and turtles.

As you wander around Dahab you pick up snatches of conversations and buzz words like the ‘Canyon’ and the ‘Blue Hole’, places that are talked about in hushed tones. Once underwater you understand why.



The Red Sea has the best coral and diving anywhere in the northern hemisphere. And for many divers, the ‘Blue Hole’ – for the more advanced divers,  is one of the most famous sites in the world – dropping down to 100m (328ft).

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