#Greece – #UnderwaterTreasure

People may not think of the Aegean Sea as a top diving destination, but we believe it’s a treasure waiting to be discovered…

On just about any dive, there’s a chance you’ll come across some artifacts. This is what makes diving in Greece unique, it’s like an impromptu archeological adventure every time you slip into the water. There’s also considerable life in the seas. There’s the chance you’ll find groupers, turtles and even dolphins, but your best bet for marine life is to slow down and think small. The Aegean has a wonderful collection of nudibranchs, invertebrates, crabs, shrimp, eels, seahorses and other easily overlookable stealth critters. Don’t forgo the diving once the sun goes down, however. Night diving is particularly interesting because that’s when cuttlefish, conger eels and octopi venture out of their daytime lairs.

More photos by Richard Keaney will be frequently added to our album Keaneys Critters

Worm  OctopusFireworm_1

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