SSI – Dive Courses

Main Courses

(All Courses incl. equipment, digital academic material, certification & logbook, VAT 14% & 10 % Entertainment Tax , Coast guard fees, transportation, Instructor) if not mentioned other wise.

SSI – Beginner Courses

TRY DIVE 50 Euro
Min age 8 yrs
Max depth 2 mtr

Min age 10 yrs
Max depth 6 mtr.
Duration 1/2 day

Never tried diving and you are not sure if you like it? Just try one time.. You will love it.. We take it slow & easy to allow you to enjoy this beautiful experience.

Min age 10+ yrs
Max depth 12 mtr
Duration 1/2 day

You are not sure if you shall book a complete Dive Course but want to discover the thrill of the underwater world with a SSI Instructor. Partialy credited towards the Scuba Diver / Open Water diver Course and continue DIRECTLY next day.

Min age 10+ yrs
Qualification depth 12 mtr
Pre-requiset: able to swim 200 mtr without stop.
Duration 2-3 days

Ideal for younger students or people who do not have enough time to finish the Open Water Diver Course. Academic part of the course is done online via the App befor arrival or while you are here. You need to study 4 Sections and make a final exam at the end of the course. 4 confined sessions are done in shallow water. The instructor demonstrates and explains every single skill to you and will you can practise the skills till you master them. During the 2 Open Water dives you will demonstrate to your instructor that you remember some of the learned skill & you will have the chance to see lovely reef & fish during your dives…

OPEN WATER DIVER / Junior Open Water (CHECK out our OWD OFFERS) 400 Euro
Min age 10+ yrs
Qualification depth 18mtr / For children 10 and 11yrs old limited depth of 12 mtr
Pre-requiset: able to swim 200 mtr without stop.
Duration: 4-5 days

This is the worlds most recoginsed dive certification. You are allowed to dive independently with your buddy to maximum 18 mtr depth. You will study 6 accademic session and learn all skills necessary during 6 confined water sessions. 4-5 open water dives allow you to apply all learned skills. The acemedic part you can do befor arrival in Dahab or during the course. The final academic exam will be done at the dive centre. We wil bring you to different dive sites to make you love the diving…

Pre-requiset: all academic online part & Confined session of the OWD course finished
Duration: 1/2 -2 days

You started already your SD or OWD Course with all online academic parts & confined water sessions but still need to do the Open Water dives? Refferal dives is the way to go. Let us know what you have fined till todate. We love to certify you at the read sea in Dahab.

SSI – Continue Education Courses

Pre-requisit: OWD cert. / Junior Open Water
Min age: 10 yrs / some speciality dives are limited by depth & require 12yrs min age
Duration: 2-2.5 days

You like to learn more skills ? You have the choice of many speciality dives. You can select 5 speciality dives f.i. deep dive, perfect bouyancy, night dive, navigation … and many more. Speak with your instructor which once would suit you.

Pre-requiset: Min Scuba Diver Certifcation
Duration: 1 day

You have not been diveing for more than 12 months? Refresh your safety skills with us.

Pre-requisit: OWD cert. & hold 1st&2nd aid certificate not older than 24 months, see cousrs “react right” below
Min age 12 yrs
Duration: 3-3.5 days

You like to look after yourself & other divers in an emergency ? Learn to prevent & solve problems above & under the water. One of the best safety courses you can do

React Right 165 Euro
Min Age 12 yrs
Duration: 1-1.5 days

Learn how to handel an emergency on land with efficiency & safety for yourself & the victim. Practice with our instructors what to do first and what not to do. Learn also practical part how to treat a minor injury or giving CPR etc.

Speciality Courses with 2 Dives

pre-requisit: OWD certif.
Duration: 1 day Min age 10 yrs
(Check out our Specialty Offers)

Boat Diving incl. Boat charter supplement and F&B for full day boat trip 224 Euro
Navigation Diving 180 Euro
Night & Limited Visebility 180 Euro
Nitrox 32% 200 Euro
Perfect Buoyancy 180 Euro
Photo & Video 180 Euro
Computer Diver 180 Euro
Waves, Tides & Currents 180 Euro
Speciality Courses Dry
Computer Diver 70 Euro

Speciality Courses with 3 dives

Duration 1.5 days
Pre requisit: OWD certif.

Deep Diver
Min Age 15 yrs
230 Euro
Search & Recovery
Min. Age 12 yrs Max depth 12-14yrs is 18 mtrs Max depth 30 mtr
285 Euro

Speciality Courses with 4 dives

Duration 2 – 2.5 days
Min Age 18 yrs.
Min 75 logged dives with min 50 hrs under water ,
Min certif. Deep Diver, Navigation, Night & Limited Visibilty or proof of experience

Independent Diving
Ideal for UW_Photographer without Buddy
350 Euro

SSI – Professional Dive Courses

Min age 18 yrs..
(excluding equipment )

You like to become a Dive Master or even an instructor?? Contact us and let us know your diving details such a highest certification acchieved todate, max number of Dives etc.

Contact us for details and price
Science of Diving
compulsary for Pro-Courses
85 Euro

Ecology Courses & Other Dry Courses

You are an Ocean enthusiast and want to know more about the aquatique world? Suitable for divers & snorkelers. (Check out our Specialty Offers)

Coral ID Ecology* 65 Euro
Fish ID Ecology * 65 Euro
Manta & Ray Ecology * 65 Euro
Sea Turtle Ecology * 65 Euro
Shark Ecology 65 Euro
Marine Mammals 65 Euro
Fresh Water 65 Euro
Marine Ecology/Under Water Naturalist* 65 Euro
Marine Invertebrates* 65 Euro
Nudibranch Ecology* 65 Euro
Only courses with * are offered

Ecology Courses or Computer Diver as Wet Course

pre-requisite: min Scuba Diver certification.
Duration 1 day
incl. equipment
180 Euro
SNORKLER & Ecology Course
Duration 1 Day
incl. snorkel equipment
130 Euro