Black Rock Staff

Hayden – IDC Staff Instructor/Boss!

The founder of Black Rock. If he’s not servicing equipment, managing your holiday or planning the next venture then he’ll be in the water – so you may find yourself lucky enough to be diving with the big man himself!



Renate Emmler – Manager & IDC Staff Instructor / The German with Italian Flair !

15years ago I first came to Dahab and fell in love with the place. I did dive in many other places in the world but always came back to Dahab. Some years ago I decided to turn my hobby into a job. I met Hayden, got an attractive offer to do the instructor training at Black Rock. Since beginning 2008 I am working for Black Rock and I’m loving it.

Possibility to teach in german, english and italian language is perfect for me. Also the Black Rock philosophy, to teach in small groups and take an individual approach, met my wishes of a work place as an instructor. Making people dive and see the smile after a dive is just the best thing.

I am looking forward to meeting you at Black Rock. Cheers.

Ich freu mich auf Dich. Es ist einfach fantastisch hier. Bis bald.

Sono contenti di conocerti. Qui e simplici fantastico. A presto.


Richard – PADI MSDT/Photography Specialist

I’ve been living and diving in Dahab for a number of years and love the place, the people, and the outstanding diving. Since becoming a member of the Black Rock team I’ve been developing my Underwater Photography. I’ve gotten the chance to speak to and learn from a number of very talented underwater photographers and I very much look forward to sharing the knowledge I have gleaned with you. Photography is a key part of the experience we offer, whither it be taking a course to improve your skills or diving with people who understand the specific needs of Photographers, we can cater to your needs.

Find me in Greece this summer!


Gamal – aka Gemo – Compressor/Equipment Supervisor

Gemo has been with Black Rock since its opening in 2007 and plays an important part of the daily operation of the dive centre, whether it’s filling the tanks, organising equipment or generally keeping the centre in top shape. He is also famous for his excellent Bedouin barbeques in the mountains that are not to be missed!


Tiberius – Mascot

Tiberius is a friendly furry giant whose only way of attack is to sniff and slobber! He’s at the dive centre most days and his usual daily routine is eating, sleeping, eating, following Gemo, sleeping, paddling in the sea, eating…..and now gallivanting across the borders!!


Nabil – Taxi Chief

Nabil has been with Black Rock for three years. He is in charge of organising taxis’ for your dive trips and making sure your journey is relaxing and runs smoothly. He is also happy to help if you ever need a ride into town or elsewhere in Dahab.