Military Diving

Black Rock Military Expedition Specialist

Black Rock have been associated with the military for over 13 years since our beginning in Cyprus when we led groups of servicemen and women from the Sovereign Base Area Episkopi to becoming the sole establishment working for the United Nations (BRITFOR) for 18 months, working with the UN Adventurous Team in Dhekelia.  Throughout this period we gained extensive experience working with the military and gained valuable links with key military personnel both individually and within the Adventure Training Group a link we still hold today.  Our work with the UN saw us award over a thousand qualifications and it was this that led us to draw on our experience and begin to specialise in Expeditions to Egypt which has continued to grow since Black Rocks move to Dahab. The links we have made within the services and the friendships we have developed have allowed us to provide a service that will provide the expedition that is right for you and your unit.

We are able to assist in the following:-

  • Submission of JSATFA
  • Advice on Risk Assessment
  • Advice on CILOR
  • Sourcing a SADS or equivalent
  • Military contacts who you can contact for advice
  • Planning your expedition
  • Advice on Distributive Training

Whether you wish us to run courses, organise a liveaboard /shore based diving or a mixture of both, then make Black Rock the choice of your unit.

Captain Simon Mansfield

I first stumbled across Black Rock some 12 years ago operating out of a small shop in Pissouri Cyprus, when I was looking for someone to assist in our unit adventure training whilst on Exercise Lion Sun.  Hayden offered to take all the guys on a try dive over a two week period, which proved extremely successful and led me to contact Black Rock some years later when I was looking at taking my Regiment on an Expedition to Egypt.  This exercise saw me take some 40 guys across, who received the highest possible training and gained recognised qualifications, I have subsequently taken a further 6 expeditions across to Egypt and every time Black Rock has delivered.

SSgt Shan (SSI) Morgan RAPTC

Black Rock greatly assisted when I wanted to organise a diving trip to get the unit away, several people wished to get qualified in Diving but the unit was unable to release individuals to attend any courses through the JSATC Bovisand.  We applied though the ATG and because Black Rock was recognised by them they were able to conduct the training we required.  This was a great success and I can’t praise Black Rock enough both for the instruction received and the location they are in, this is definitely a 5 Star learning environment.