Sharm El Sheikh Sites

Jackson Reef

The most norherly reef in Tiran. Known for its wreck the partly demolished merchant ship Lara which sank in December 1981.

Max depth of 45 meters. Jackson reef has numerous corals and it is possible to see shark and turtles here if you are lucky.

If the conditions are right this can make for a perfect drift dive.

Jackfish Alley

A good drift dive with the possibility of seeing Whitetip Reef Shark and Manta Rays. There are caves to explore and coral outcrops full of life.

A good dive to carry a torch for lots of exploring.

Shark & Yolanda Reef

One of the most popular dive sites in the Red Sea for its variety of marine life and the Yolanda wreck.

You can see schools of Barracuda, Jackfish and Batfish.

Currents can be strong at this site however there are lots of dives here and so the correct drift dive can be picked to match weather, current and technical level of the divers.

At the Yolanda wreck you can see the cargo that was lost as well as the ship. This includes toilets and bathtubs.


A small semi-outcropping reef 6.9 miles west of Ras Mohammed. A small metal beacon indicates the location of the wreck of the British merchant ship the Dunraven.

The wreck lies upside down at 15 – 29.5 meters’ depth in two sections.

Divers can penetrate the wreck in several places and possibly see large groupers, lionfish and swarms of glassfish.

A torch is a good idea for exploring this wreck.

Shag Rock

Six miles away from the wreck of the Thistlegorm this site is a shallow reef marked by a small light house and the location of the wreck of the Kingston.

A beautiful reef with the possibility of seeing Turtles, Whitetip Reef Sharks, Groupers, Snapper, Eagle Ray and Dolphins.

Thomas Reef

One of the most spectacular dive sites in the northern Red Sea best for drift diving due to the lack of mooring points.

This reef is full of rich multicoloured coral and a deep canyon that is crossed by three arches making this site full of interest and a place you can dive multiple times.

It is possible to see Turtles and Whitetip Reef Sharks.


Further South – Sha’ab Abu Nuhas

Sha’ab Abu Nuhas, also known as ‘the ships graveyard’. Located at the edge of the Straits of Gubal this is a wreck divers dream boasting four vastly different wrecks in very close proximity to each other that once held cargo from gold and wine to 4000 tones of lentils!