Black Rock Staff

Hayden – Instructor/Boss!

The founder of Black Rock. If he’s not servicing equipment, managing your holiday or planning the next venture then he’ll be in the water – so you may find yourself lucky enough to be diving with the big man himself! Also the proud owner of Fantasea, the 6.4 Rib – aye aye captain!

Nic – Admin Queen

The right hand woman of Black Rock. You’ll rarely see her in the water as she’ll be too busy organising your diving, from start to finish, making sure you get as much as you can out of our services and enjoy it to the full. Payment is a Magnum double chocolate ice cream from the bar OR BABYSITTING! 😉

Tianna – Instructor

Tianna loves that she can inspire others to explore what the underwater world has to offer! The best compliment she gets is when people say she looks so happy and passionate about what she does, but it is because she truly is!

Having explored the Caribbean and the Pacific seas, she is excited to see what the Aegean has to offer!

See you under the water!

Maisie – Divemaster & Boat Handler

A blast from the past you may remember Maisie from a few years back, she missed us so much she’s back for more! Maisie has most recently been working on the great barrier reef but is excited to be spending the summer back in Greece.

If she not guiding your dives she will be taking you on a snorkel tour or even driving you on our boat to some amazing dive spots.