Black Rock Staff

Hayden – IDC Staff Instructor/Boss!

The founder of Black Rock. If he’s not servicing equipment, managing your holiday or planning the next venture then he’ll be in the water – so you may find yourself lucky enough to be diving with the big man himself! Also the proud owner of Fantasea, the 6.4 Rib in Lesvos – aye aye captain!



Nic – Rep/Counter Specialist!

The right hand woman of Black Rock. You’ll rarely see her in the water as she’ll be too busy organising your diving, from start to finish, making sure you get as much as you can out of our services and enjoy it to the full. Payment is a Magnum double chocolate ice cream from the bar 😉



Richard – PADI MSDT/Photography Specialist/Freedive Instructor

Those of you who have dived with us in Dahab will know Mr Keaney for not only being an excellent instructor but also a whizz with the camera. Since becoming a member of the Black Rock team he’s been developing his Underwater Photography. And now? Well he’s added Freediving Instructor to the list! Visit Richard in Lemnos this summer!




Maisie – Divemaster/Boat Handler

Maisie has joined the team in Lemnos this year! She started diving with us in 2013 and loved it so much that she visited us in Dahab to complete the Divemaster course. Maisie has been involved in water sports since the age of 4, competitive swimming, lifeguarding, swim instructor, RNLI Beach lifeguard and all round mermaid!



Peter – Freedive Instructor

Peter was an English teacher in his native Poland before catching the Black Rock bug!  He’s tried a lot of things in search of his own personal happiness, many of those things resulted in physical pain and walking on crutches! (motorbikes and martial arts etc etc) Finally his perseverance paid off when he found Freediving and now you’ll find him in Lesvos!



Tiberius – Mascot

Thought he’ll just tag along for the ride….Tiberius is a friendly furry giant whose only way of attack is to sniff and slobber! He’s at the dive centre most days and his usual daily routine is eating, sleeping, eating, driving the boat, sleeping, paddling in the sea, eating…Find him in Lesvos!